Meet Jackie

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Jackie Golojuch

Hi! I'm Jackie, a clinical mental health counseling intern from USM. Building warm, genuine relationships is my passion.

Navigating life's peaks and valleys can be overwhelming and you don't have to do it alone. Together, we'll create a safe environment to process and explore your experiences with curiosity and compassion. I'll support and guide you as we work on assessing what's difficult, identifying where there is room for change and coping with things that need to stay the same.

Starting at the end of May, I’ll be offering flexible and convenient, low cost therapy sessions. Let's spend time holding space to honor whatever is going on for you at the moment, without judgement, and support you as you challenge yourself to change your life.

Kids, pets, and cozy blankets are always welcome in our sessions. Rather take a walk? Great, let's hop on the phone - I'm happy to join you. We'll make this time yours- to explore, to relate, to heal and to grow. You deserve it.

I am excited to be offering services to women ages 18 and older in the following areas:

  • trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum

  • relationships, breakups, social life and family issues

  • setting boundaries, finding self-confidence, general self-exploration

  • So much more! Reach out to find out how I can help YOU.


  • 50 minute sessions $20-$30

    • You pick, based on what you can afford.