I'm Melissa

Woman, mother and experienced life liver.

**Immediate Availability**

Melissa Walsh, MS, LCPCc

Therapy with Me:

You are not alone. If there’s one thing I hope you walk away from a session with, it’s the feeling that you are not alone and that someone has your back. Cultural issues, physical issues, the way we see ourselves and the exhausting reality of parenting, can all stack up to make us feel deeply isolated when we need connection the most. Come as you are, be seen as you are, be heard as you are, be accepted and valued exactly as you are: feel less alone. Everything we’ll do in our work together starts there.

How therapy will help you:

Tell me what you want your life to feel like and I’ll help you get there using strengths and resources you already possess, while learning to let go of patterns that no longer serve you. Together we'll find creative approaches to situations that have you feeling lost. You'll feel more connected in your life, develop habits of compassionate, clear-eyed reflection, and you'll take control over the power to heal and grow.

I use a trauma-informed, attachment-focused, family systems approach that includes the use of psychodynamic tools to address the ways your early history shapes your challenges. I offer solution-focused tools to address the behavioral changes you want to make in your present and narrative tools to support the work of finding meaning around your past, present, and future.

A little about me:

I have a Master's of Science in Clinical Mental Health, a certificate of advanced studies in family systems and am actively pursuing certification in perinatal mental health. I also have a B.A. in psycholinguistics and an Ed.M. in language and literacy. I've always been passionate about understanding how thoughts and words change our self perception and our internal worlds. Outside of my work here, I spend many hours on the floor with puppets and a sandbox, offering support in schools to PreK - 5 students and their families.

I live with my three-year-old, my dog and my husband on a tiny homestead that is stuffed to the brim with books, tea and musical instruments that I play very badly and with great joy. I’m always working on pursuing connection over perfection and seeing both myself and the world around me with a more compassionate, less demanding mindset.