In addition to traditional office visits, the following "flex services" are also available for your convenience:

Online Therapy

Residents throughout the entire state of Maine can access services via online therapy.

Not only does this method provide maximum flexibility in terms of time, space and comfort, but allows you to get services when and where you need to whether that's at home, in the office or elsewhere.

Another added bonus: no need to cancel your session during sick or snow days. As long as you have a private space and internet connection, we can meet.

Don't let distance, childcare or a lack of transportation keep you from getting the support you need to feel better.

Walk and Talk

I often find that one's mental status is a direct reflection of their environment. Being outside among open space can lead to clarity and a sense of inner peace, even if only temporarily.

Walk and talk sessions are not only mentally beneficial and fun for those who enjoy the outdoors, but can also be helpful for people who are nervous about therapy or who have a hard time talking about painful experiences.

For those local to Portland, there are many lovely walking trails and parks available for these types of sessions.

Even though the setting is more casual, you'll still be doing hard work. So in addition to bringing your walking shoes, make sure to grab some tissues and sunglasses just in case. Dogs and babies are welcome to join us on these adventures.

In-Home Visits

Stay right where you are!

For Maine residents living within a 3 mile radius of Portland, therapy can take place in the comfort of your own home.

If you're pregnant or have a new baby, you're sore, exhausted and may not have even had time to shower...Don't stress about wasting precious time getting to the office or figuring out how to maintain your sanity while traveling with a screaming infant.

Forget about doing the dishes or vacuuming the dog hair. No need to prepare. We've all been there...It's really no big deal. Just open your door and your mind.

*In-home visits are available exclusively to pregnant, postpartum or other women with health conditions making travel difficult but who prefer to meet face-to-face.

Email Packages

Looking for something even more flexible than virtual sessions? I've got you covered.

You can get professional services via email at your own convenience. Email what and when you want and expect a response within 24 hours, up to 3 times a week.

Many people find that making time to sit down and write about the issues they're experiencing helps them process things more clearly. Having a documented response from your therapist is also nice for those who like to look back on things as healing occurs.

*Email services are available when clinically appropriate. Mention your interest during your consult to make sure this is right for you.