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Counseling & Psychotherapy for Women, Parents & Partners

Helping new moms, aspiring moms and busy women overcome their deepest struggles to find confidence and happiness.

You're ready to feel better. That's why you're here.

Once upon a time, you had direction, ambition and hope. You were happy and felt like whatever happened along the way, everything was going to be okay.

At some point, life decided to throw you a curve ball and things stopped going as planned. One thing led to another and all of a sudden, here you are, deep down in the rabbit hole...feeling overwhelmed, confused, emotionally exhausted and stuck.

You've tried your best to fix things but could only get so far on your own. At this point, all you know is that you can't go on this way. 

Its not supposed to feel like this.

We're here to tell you, it doesn't have to.

We get it. You've never felt this bad before. You want to feel better and you don't want to be in therapy forever…We hear you! While there is no "quick fix" for all your problems, counselors at Maine Maternal offer immediate practical solutions to put in place while doing the deeper work of getting to the root of things, which can take time. As your therapists, we want to help you feel happy, calm and confident, as well as gain a greater understanding of yourself in order to make long lasting changes so you can handle whatever else life throws your way down the road.

Life is hard enough on its own without the added stress of not having things go the way you planned. Wouldn't it be nice to stop overthinking and clear your head? 

We can help you feel like yourself again.

We offer counseling and psychotherapy throughout the entire state of Maine. Now that teletherapy has made an appearance, finding a specialist is more accessible than ever.

Counseling & Psychotherapy for Women

Reproductive & Maternal Mental Health Counseling

Whether you're finding it difficult to make it through school, work or just an average day, therapy can make it better. Really.

Don't keep struggling. You can feel better. We can help.