Reproductive & Maternal Mental Health Therapy

No one really understands what you're going through. At least that's how it feels.

Your friends and family want to help, but don't know how; don't know what to say. Neither do you...

Our deepest passion lies in supporting women as they navigate their reproductive endeavors - whatever that entails. Being a woman, setting and reaching goals, healing from the unanticipated and figuring out new roles is so much easier when you have experienced support. 

You don't have to feel alone anymore. We get it, truly. We're here for you.

We are expertly trained maternal mental health therapists - meaning, we specialize in treating everything under the "reproductive" umbrella. We can offer you clarity on your experiences, support through your struggles and guide you to healing your emotional wounds.

Here is a snapshot of the kind of work we do with people just like you:


Manage the Brutal 2 Week Wait, Grieve and Heal From Repeated Negatives, Reconnect With Your Partner, Make Sex Fun Again, Clarify Your Options


Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear, Foster Bonding In Utero, Manage Concerns and Plan for Birth, Prepare for the Transition to Motherhood

Grief and Loss

Whether Planned or Unexpected - Death is Devastating. Miscarriages Are Painful No Matter How Early. Uncover Hidden Depths of Grief As You Mourn the Loss of A Pregnancy or Child. 

Traumatic Births

Grieve the Loss of Your Expectations, Stop Flashbacks and Nightmares of the Event, Fix Damage Done to Your Mind and Your Relationships With Yourself, Your Baby and Your Partner

Postpartum Difficulties

Understand Postpartum Depression, Anxiety & Rage and What You Can Do About It, Improve Your Bond With Baby, Learn to Thrive Without A Village, Find Yourself Again

NICU Experiences

Your Body Did Not Fail You or Your Baby. Get Clarity On Your Experience, Accept This Into Your Life Story, Let Go of the What-Ifs and Whys On Repeat In Your Head, Manage Painful and Vivid Memories


Adjust to Life As a New Parent, Clarify Your Values As You Decide How to Raise Your Child, Work Through Pain From Your Own Childhood in Order to Provide a Better Environment

Single Parenting

Juggling Multiple Roles and Responsibilities is Hard. Stop Worrying About Whether You're Doing a Good Job and Stressing About Having To Do Things Alone, Rid Yourself of That Drowning Feeling


Do Some Pre-baby Prep to Set Yourselves Up for Success, Learn How to Express Your Needs to Your Partner After Baby Arrives, Manage Rage and Irritability, Understand Changes to Your Libido


Just Because You Had A "Choice," Doesn't Mean You Had A Choice...Nobody Chooses This and You're Allowed to Grieve. Let Us Relieve Your Guilt, Shame and Sadness

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Things Happen. Whether Its Temporary or Long Term, You Will Heal and You Will Find Love. Figure Out What This Means About You and Who You Are Now

Unplanned or Teen Pregnancy

Gather Information and Make Your Own Choice, Get Help Breaking the News, Process Difficult Emotions and Changes to Your Self-Image, Mobilize Support for the Entire Process - Whatever that Entails

Outside of these issues, we also offer the following non-clinical services: