Counseling for Teens

Things tense at home? Don't recognize your teenager anymore? Worried about your baby? I can help.

I have a lengthy background in helping adolescents find the language they need to identify and understand their thoughts and feelings, as well as develop the coping mechanisms they need to deal with difficulties in their life.

While I can't bring back their child like innocense, I can give them the support they need to become strong, emotionally intelligent young adults and get back on track for success.

If you're concerned your child won't participate in therapy or may be too shy to open up in a room with a stranger, I've got that covered. These days teenagers practically live their whole lives online, so why not let them do therapy online too? Check out the video sessions and email packages offered here.

If your child (11-18 years old) is dealing with any of the following, therapy could be just the answer you've been looking for:

  • adjusting to divorce or separation
  • sex, dating and relationships
  • bullying or friendship issues
  • teen pregnancy and/or abortion
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • anxiety, depression, self-esteem
  • college or career planning
  • questioning gender or sexuality
  • body image concerns
  • cutting and self-harm

Teens, if you're reading this, I promise I will be on your side. What we talk about always stays between us unless I'm concerned for your safety, in which case, we will decide together what to do about it. Seeing a therapist might sound intimidating, but I make counseling as easy and stress free as possible. No judgement, no pressure, unconditional acceptance - Just think of me like a cool aunt without the weird presents ;)

Call or Text: 207-274-7519


Local to Portland. Available anywhere in Maine.